Cardiac Catheterization, This Is What You Need To Know

Cardiac catheterization is a medical procedure that aims to detect the condition of the heart, and treat various heart diseases by using a catheter, which is a device resembling a long thin tube inserted into a blood vessel, then directed towards the heart. Through cardiac catheterization which is assisted with X-rays and dyes (contrast), can be observed heart blood vessels (coronary), so that it can be known if there is a blockage or plaque in the coronary arteries. This action is called coronary angiography, which is one of the most common types of cardiac catheterization. In addition to X-rays, cardiac catheterization can also be combined with ultrasound. In addition to coronary angiography, a heart catheterization procedure can be performed to take a sample of heart muscle tissue or to do a small surgery. Heart catheterization is done by a cardiologist. Indications for Cardiac Catheterization Heart catheterization can be done, both for the purposes of diagnosis and treatment
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